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Yoshioka.js - Javascript MVVM Framework

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Presentation at SudWeb

Presentation at SudWeb

When I did my presentation at SudWeb last week, I quickly made a plan in the morning and I improvised the afternoon in front of my listeners. So, the only thing I can give to you from this event is its plan.

YUI presentation

  1. Loader

  2. Sandboxes

  3. Attributes

  4. Combo

  5. Problems

Presentation of a working yoshioka app

  1. Show the Overblog admin panel after having opened the Networks tab of the Chrome developer's toolbar, to show the dynamic loading of the views and the AJAX requests of the models

Coding presentation

  1. Configuration, Core (quickly)


  3. Templates

  4. Models

  5. Widgets

  6. Internationalization: change the language without reloading the app


  1. Unit tests + demo integration on Hudson

  2. Compilation: on the go (dev), build (prod)

  3. Building process

  4. Deployment

Maybe, some day, I'll fill each section with content ;)



I was at SudWeb this week end, and I took the opportunity to present Yoshioka.js in a free elaboratory. Unfortunately, I choosed a very bad timelap : in another classroom, Bert Bos, cofunder of CSS, was talking about future of CSS… So, there was 5 to listen to me. Only elites ! That was a full improvisation, but they were captivated. And they like it if I can believe in this kind of tweet :

The experience was really plaisant, and I will make another presentations in the future. First, AperoWeb, and very probably, SudWeb 2013 !

Thank you guys !

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